Wakefield College

Dick Turpin's Last Ride

Part of Mechanics' Performing Arts Summer Season

Written by Daniel O'Brien

What actually is the truth about Dick Turpin? Criminal or hero? Felon or free spirit? As with many characters from history, time and romanticism colour the facts and change our views.

As we follow the story of his last gasp chance at freedom, inevitable capture and certain execution, three other fellows from history share their tales and experiences with the most infamous highwayman of them all. But who is right and who has idealised the actions of this notorious man?

Hold onto your hats and take hold of the reigns for a thunderous ride through the pages of the past to bust the myths surrounding this enigmatic figure.

Part of Mechanics' Performing Arts Summer Season.

Please note, this performance takes place at the Mechanics Theatre, Wakefield College.

Dates & Times

Sunday 16 July 2017
Monday 17 July 2017


Mechanics Theatre, Wakefield College


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